Absolute Luxury (with Essential Oils)

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Absolute Luxury - Ylang Ylang can help increase intuition and minimize fear of the unknown.  It promotes movement in new directions so you can move towards achieving all your dreams. 5 Free and Vegan.  15ml.  (fragrant when dry)
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Absolute Luxury can be waking up in a 5 star hotel or allowing yourself to sleep in late.  The feeling of absolute luxury comes when you are doing something and your whole body says “I just love this!”  Create more absolute luxury moments in your life – a candle lit dinner, a bubble bath…..nurture yourself by giving to you.


  1. Jane McMullen

    I absolutely love this nail varnish, the smell, the colour, the texture and most of all the way it makes me feel, I usually only wear varnish on my toes as I don’t feel colours look good on my nails but this, I love, so it is staying on.
    Thank you

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